About Masi Kast

For fifteen years, I have traveled as much as I could with nothing but my boots, a pack,
a sleeping bag, my wolf, and some art supplies. I have hitchhiked, caravaned, train
hopped, or bussed myself to the next city until I saw just about every state in America.
I've met wing-nuts, artists, street performers, side-show acts, travelers, and all walks
of life along the way. It has been, amazing.
As new and bright ideas occur, I have adapted to hone my current talents and
autodidactically summon new ones. All levels of creativity seem to come naturally
and I fancy myself quite the J.O.A.T.
Through these years, I have been working on numerous art, design and music
projects. I have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best of the best!
Being sculpted by artists, musicians, photographers, and writers from across
the country.
As a a frequent cafe inhabitant, and having lived the life of coffee and cigarettes.
I have been graced with countless conversations on life, and its' meaning, theory,
sciences and experiences. Through all these people, and our escapades; I have
lived a full and very well rounded life.
I feel I haven't much to tell you about my personal self. I do apologize for this. I
know only a little about myself. I am ever changing.

This, I do know... I am just an artist.
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